Meet the Robinsons is the video game adaptation of film of the same name, though the game features a completely different story than the film itself. You play as Wilbur Robinson who doe's whatever it takes to restore the space time continumim along with an anersal of gadgets.


Wilbur Robinson travels back to the science fair to catch Goob, who took his time machine. But Wilbur causes acidents, turning Stanley into an evil ruler of the future with an army of lava robots and Lizzie into a gothic queen of the robotic ants, and after that, he even makes the future be rulen by Goob and has to battle Mega-Doris.


Ancient EgyptEdit

Travel to Ancient Egypt with Wilbur before the Time Machine is stolen

The Robinson HomeEdit

Attempt to 'borrow' the Time Machine

The Robinson Sub-BasementEdit

Use your wits to locate Cornelius Robinson's Timelab

Science FairEdit

Locate the mystirious Time Machine thief before time runs out

Alternate FutureEdit

Return from the Science Fair to a world of danger

Battle Mega-DorisEdit

Battle Mega-Doris to save the future


Gear (Nentindo DS)Edit